About (Current)

moiNate is a girl who:

  • Enjoys writing although mothering toddler twins makes the gaps between writing and posting larger…and spacier.
  • Is a portrait photographer who occasionally sneaks into other niches for fun.
  • Finds herself becoming more of a type of pioneer woman: making her own sourdough bread, making heavy cream, making pancakes from scratch and walking around outdoors wearing an apron.
  • Has a desk that can’t keep clear of reminders, invoices, bills, kids’ sippie cups, yogurt containers and measuring tape.
  • Tries to believe and convey she’s keeping it all together, but knows she isn’t when she realizes she hasn’t gotten dressed and it’s already 1:30pm.
  • Will be as comfortable and luxurious as possible even if she lives in a cardboard box by the river.