Decluttering My Life

GamerDude and I have tried a couple of times to purchase a home and remove ourselves from this structure that we both believe to be an impostor posing itself as a house. I’ve grumbled at least 4 and 1/2 times a week for the past 4.15 years about the layout, the location, the closeness to neighbors, the street, the city, the state…



I’ve tried to cut back on the complaints, because gratefulness is truly a trait worth having, but sacre bleu! comes out of my mouth very often. I’m not French, I just like to pretend I am.

Back to home.

I’ve tried decorating, but I can’t figure out this house’s personality. I’ve tried landscaping, but I just can’t seem to create a garden of organization for this place.

A tragic event happened on our street this weekend that left two young boys without their mother. The first hearsay (don’t they tell you not to trust it!?) from neighbors told me something horrible and random and fearful occurred. GamerDude and I were thrown into a frenzy of safety-finding, home apps, plans and conjecturing about the near future. It turns out the event, while tragic, was not a harbinger of doom for us, but we still want to find ourselves in a better place. Fast.

We stayed at my father-in-laws for a couple of days. When I went home for the first time, I fell into a state of dismay. So cramped, so cluttered, such an unfortunate floorplan. I decided to declutter my home immediately. I finished most of it in one morning. That’s how seriously cramped this home is for us. It felt like we had a ton of stuff, but we don’t have more than the average home. We may have even less because I prefer space and good design rather than “things” and “furniture”. The problem we do have is surface clutter. We don’t have the organization necessary to keep this home in order. I used to. I don’t know what happened.

I said all that to say this: clearing out things has made me feel better.


A cluttered room makes a cluttered mind.

Truest words ever.

They say “Make your bed in the morning.”  They say “Get dressed in the morning, even if you’re not going anywhere.” “Clean your kitchen before you go to bed.” These are things I never feel happy doing, or do all the time, but the effect is there. Those who have gone before us know.

I consider self-care very important. I’ve dealt with tons of stress, emotional negativity, perfectionism, hard kicks in my own rear, determination to do all the things I had no physical capacity to do and other worthy, but essentially mentally wearing goals. This is why I believe, doing something to each room that may cause you a bit of mental anguish at the end of a tired day can go a long way to restoring your emotional equilibrium.

I found these 18 5-minute tips for decluttering a home on (the website includes details):

  1. Designate a spot for incoming papers. …
  2. Start clearing a starting zone. …
  3. Clear off a counter. …
  4. Pick a shelf. …
  5. Schedule a decluttering weekend. …
  6. Pick up 5 things, and find places for them. …
  7. Spend a few minutes visualizing the room. …
  8. Create a “maybe” box.
  9. Put a load in your car for charity
  10. Create a 30-day list
  11. Teach your kids where things belong
  12. Set up some simple folders
  13. Learn to file quickly
  14. Pull out some clothes you don’t wear
  15. Clear out a medicine cabinet
  16. Pull everything out of a drawer and sort
  17. Learn to love the uncluttered look
  18. Have the conversation with significant other or roommate

A cluttered room makes a cluttered mind.

Truest words ever. Happy decluttering!

Good morrow,




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