Patience, Prayer, Persistence & Progress

You know those times you’ve made the very firm decision that things are going to change for the better? You’ve talked to yourself about it. You’ve taken notes. You’ve informed the Universe. You’ve prayed about it. You’ve let slip your plans to friends and family. You’re so sure it’s going to happen. Then…it doesn’t. You go back to your decision-making and consider where you went wrong. You talk to yourself about how you came to that decision. You review and then re-read your notes. You ask the Universe what’s going on. You try to get confirmation from God that he heard you inform him about your decision. You hope your friends and family haven’t noticed nothing has happened. You’re not so sure now if it’s going to happen.

With determination, motivation, baby steps in planning, the Universe and God working together, you can make this happen. The main thing that needs to be in the right place is: You.

Someone else’s success isn’t for you. Don’t look at them. Your success may hinge completely and totally on your character and growth as a person. Force it, sure, and watch that area you weren’t yet strong enough in bring it all down to the ground. Be steady. Patience isn’t cool, bro, I know. But…it’s an ingredient in the recipe.

While you’re living all the other part of your life, wait for it, guide your intentions, smooth out those edges that don’t want to be in line with what want. Realize things. Eye-twitch at that criticism, but turn it into a strength: a lesson. What isn’t important is what you feel in that moment. What is important, is what’s on the other side of your strength and character.

I’m not where I want to be, but I will be.  I know because pieces are finally coming together. A year ago, I didn’t have the hope. Patience, now, patience.

Good morrow,



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