Weather, The Gods and That Gawd-Awful Ringing



I can’t be pleased.

I was excited about the new season (autumn) and that cooler temperatures would be rolling in. Until today.

Yes, it’s been rather chilly of late, but…why does it have to be all dreary, grey and foreboding? Why can’t it be sunny and crisp? You know, when the gods are cheerful and chirpy and want to share the happy feelings with we wee commoners?

Who’s in charge of the weather? One gets the feeling that the cosmos is unhappy with us and is concentrating all its angst upon us.
I suspect soon, random humans will be zapped into nothingness by Zeus and his mighty, searing shards of lightning.

Or, perhaps Athena will withdraw her wisdom and cause plagues of stupidity to run rampant among the intelligent. (I think now she’s just using the people with lower IQs)

Or, maybe, Kratos, the new God of War (YES! I played the game and am dropping him into normal conversation! Don’t judge me…) will come for us all with his Blades of Chaos to chop us down to size.

…this weather may be affecting me.

Not to say I’m usually happy, bright and full of rainbows. Never that. But, my general disdain for humanity may have increased a bit. Actually, it may not be the weather…it’s probably just because it’s Wednesday. (I’ll go have a bit of tea to even out my temperament later.)

Anyway, tomorrow may be brighter. I’ll try to remember how it feels to be optimistic, and perhaps I’ll be able to wake up in the morning while it’s still dark out.

That’s another thing that gets me. Give me a light blue window in the morning and I’m up with the chickens…actually…I think they’ll have already been up for a couple of hours.
But, let the fickle sun start rising later in the morning, and I’m staring up into the darkness, wondering what that shrill, brain-searing, thought-muting, kill-me-now ringing is. It’s usually the alarm, but I wake up in a panic every time. It just isn’t fair.

I’d smash it into a million pieces, but logic always prevails…only the fact that it is my phone’s alarm used to wake me, keeps the darned electronic nuisance alive.


Happy days are here again.

Good morrow,



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