Gone Fishin’

I touched these worms...and squealed.

Ever since I read Captains Courageous when I was about 10 years old, the desire to work in some sort of fishing fleet has been with me. When I got older, I decided I would work with a salmon fleet at least one summer. People gave me condescending looks and said, “Salmon fleet fishing isn’t for women.” or “Do you know how much work that would be?” or “Riiiiight.”

I merely threw their naysaying to the wind and kept my dream. *sigh* Don’t misunderstand. I never joined a fishing fleet. Anyway, I said all that to say this: I went fishing Sunday. Really, I did.

When Gamer Dude asked me if I wanted to go earlier last week, I was excited (I started singing Louis Armstrong’s and Bing Crosby’s “Gone Fishin’ horribly). I hadn’t been fishing since I was a child. So, Sunday, as we were preparing to leave, I asked him if he’d remembered his knife.

  • “Yes, I’m just going to take my little one.”
  • But what about for scaling and gutting the fish?”
  • “Huh? Are you wanting to keep them?” He asked.

My face registered some sort of barbaric disbelief.

  • Huh?” I said.
  • I was just going to throw them back in.” He replied.
  • “What??” I asked, “Why would you throw them back in??What kind of lunacy-!
  • “Yeah. I didn’t know you wanted to keep them.”
  • “People just throw them back in? Really? Why???” The horror!

I like fish. Or rather, I like eating fish, and the idea of “catch and release” is right along the lines of “eat and regurgitate”. Why would you do it?

So, we went fishing…or rather…we went to torture fish. We went shopping first and I got a spanking new shiny red rod and reel. Giddy like a schoolgirl I was. We finally got on our way and after a little drive, we pulled up to the lake.
It resembled how I imagine a lake behind a nuclear waste plant would look. It was complete with danger signs, concrete walls, rushing water, fencing…

Me...drowning worms.

The day in summary:

  • We stayed out for almost 6 hours.
  • I caught zero fish.
  • A little boy, who asked us if we were going to keep our fish (apparently “catch and release” is common knowledge!!), caught four fish in the 15 minutes he was there.
  • The fish liked my bait and chewed as they swam past.
  • We got rained out in the first hour
  • My brand new reel broke and tossed pieces of itself into the lake.
  • I got in some sneak photography of canoers.
  • I saw a dead fish on land with teeth.
  • The only thing I did well was cast my line. Like a pro.
  • I got some pretty rockin’ pictures.

Good morrow,



5 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’

  1. Modeling Miss says:

    Giving this post a standing ovation (as i stand on my desk clapping)! My co-workers are staring at me, but meh, I don’t care!

  2. Nathasha says:

    Sigh, you just can’t find the likes of your writings willy nilly. Good thing I added your blog to my favorites. Thanks for allowing me to drown worms vicariously!

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